Our wines madiran pacherenc vins Castle Laffitte Teston appellation aoc our wines

Our wines madiran pacherenc vins Castle Laffitte Teston appellation aoc our wines

Reflet du terroir Our wines Madiran and Pacherenc Castle Laffitte-Teston our wines

  • Chateau Laffitte Teston
  • Chateau Laffitte Teston

Reflet du terroir

A.O.C. Madiran

Complete de-stemming. Tanking between 18 and 22 days at adapted temperatures with one or several full rackings (all tank juice siphoned off the bottom and added to the top to moisten and break the pomace cap; this way, a maximum of elements contributing to wine quality and gently extracted). Ageing in oak-staved barrels, 1 or 2 wines, for 12 months. 

Likeable, elegant and flavourful, a certain idea of the Tannat grape.

Grapes Varieties : 80 % tannat ; 10 % cabernet franc ; 10 % cabernet sauvignon
    Soil : clayish-calcareous, mix of pebbles, metal oxide and marl
    Density : 5 200 Pieds/ha
    Harvest: manual
    Vines: 20 to 50 years old
    Frank, bright, intense, depth of colour with pur-plish highlights, particularly when young.
    Elegant, well-developed, frank and fruity, with blackcurrant/blackberry leading to red berry aromas.
    Very weel-balanced overall, with elegance and strenght. An exemplary Madiran
    Serve at 17°C to 18°C, with all kinds of red meat, grilled meat, stew, magret or cheese. Can be keeped from 2 to 8 years but can age a few more years.
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